WT/Beheer stands for: Investments - Management - Real Estate.

With its basic ‘roots’ in construction and project development, we have extended us within a way of adding extra value with new business-concepts and investments.

This means in our vision:

  • Being active in the globalizing international market.
  • Based on an open and entrepreneurial mind for developments around us.
  • With respect for people and its habitat.
  • Focussing on working with the right people.
  • With sharing both risks and profits.

The group’s culture is based on a realistic approach towards nowadays’ business and its opportunities. Combined with our serious but ‘no-nonsense’ approach we are able to act quickly were necessary, focussing on a win-win approach for our clients and us.

For further information you can contact us in The Netherlands and/or contact our participations in The Netherlands and abroad, which you can reach e.g. by the respective integrated website-links.

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