Curriculum Vitae


Name Name Wilco Tijhuis (B.Sc., M.Sc., Ph.D.).
1965 Born in Almelo, the Netherlands.
1982-1987 Study at Higher Technical College (Polytechnic) in Hengelo (NL),
in Construction Engineering. Graduated as an engineer (B.Sc.).
Project-assistant for Nijhuis Bouw BV in Rijssen (NL) in the Dutch construction industry.
1987-1988 Project management & engineering for Wessels Remscheid GmbH in Remscheid (FRG).
1988-1989 Project management & engineering for Wessels Rijssen BV in Rijssen (NL).
1989-1992 Study and graduated as engineer (M.Sc.) at Eindhoven University of Technology in Eindhoven (NL),
in Construction Management & Production Engineering. Graduated in Real Estate Management.
1992-1996 Process engineering & business development for Kondor Wessels Groep NV in Rijssen (NL) & Kondor Wessels Berlin GmbH in Berlin (FRG).
1992-1996 Parallel to the business activities, working on a Ph.D. thesis in the field of -international- construction management, development & procurement.
1996 Graduated at Eindhoven University of Technology as a doctor (Ph.D.) in -international- construction & development business & procurement.
1997-now Part-time Ass.Professor at the University of Twente, Enschede (NL), at the Faculty of Engineering Technology, Department of Construction Management & Engineering (see e.g.:
Entrepreneurial in the field of -international- management, strategies, processes and projects in construction, development & industry.
1992-now Author and co-author of several (international) articles, reports, etc.
Registered member of the Royal Dutch Institute of Engineers (KIVI; see e.g.:
Registered member of the Dutch Association of Architects (SBA; see e.g.: ).

Founder and owner of WT/Beheer BV, active in investments, management & real estate, also
within an international scope (see for participations e.g.:, etc.).

Joint-coordinator of the international CIB-Working Commission W112 “Culture in Construction” (see e.g.: